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Bundle Pre Order / Delivery April 2021

The 1D Pro Max Dual Plates & 1 Flightscope Mevo+


Flightscope Mevo+ is one of a kind launch monitor and simulator giving golfers the ultimate practice and play experience. Flightscope Mevo+ and 1D Pro Max is the perfect combination to relate the forces exerted on the ground during the swing with the trajectory achieved


Our technology based on affordable sensors, gives us the opportunity to offer a 1D platform with amazing specificities at the right price to boost your analysis to its maximum


Understand the different key action zones of the feet: Front / Mid / Back and their roles in the analysis of swing dynamics. 

Their impact on the movement of the club and the quality of ball striking and hence ball flight cannot be underestimated


The pack include :

1D Pro Max Dual Force Plate

Back pack Biomecaforce UnderArmour


€7,880.00 Regular Price
€7,380.00Sale Price
  • Size  420 * 330
    Height 20mm
    Frame Rate 500Hz (up to 1000Hz really)
    Degree of protection  Not formal
    Force  3600 
    Power Battery or USB
    Range 5m
    Certifications 3
    Impact Detection 100,000 Hz Mic
    Synchronisation Nystrom
    Camera Up to 4
    Tablet Usage IPAD
    Surface Replaceable
    Connection USB
    Cloud Storage Linux Solution
    Cloud Player Range Solution
    Optimiser Coming Soon
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