Become a Biomecaforce Pro partner


Do you want to join a team of professionals in the middle of golf technology and resell our products in your country?


Biomecaforce is a team of specialists where you will discover and participate in the various research and development of products. You will be in contact with the best scientists and biomechanics to develop your knowledge and improve your product sales.



You are already in contact with the technology for the golf course that you sell or use regularly

Develop relationships with your local PGA or other organizations that can improve your sales.

Following your training, be able to organize product demonstrations with coaches or experienced amateurs.

Ensure the highest customer satisfaction through continuous training and service

Be able to provide training in roasting plates

Organization and implementation of Level 2 certification for your country

Get feedback from your product tests as well as feedback from your customers.

Development and continuous improvement of the sales strategies of your territories



Golf coachTechnology or technology, commerce or marketing expert in higher education

Act on commitments. What is promised is delivered!

A personal, autonomous dynamism with a demonstrated desire to go the extra mile.

Easily build and maintain relationships.

Persuade others by being trustworthy and enthusiastic.

Be persistent and endure rejection.

Manage your time effectively and efficiently.

Animate the biomecoforce blog in your language
Animate the Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Biomecoforce account.

Demonstrate strong communication and presentation skills.

Analyze the problems and propose well thought out solutions.

Do not let anything slip between the mesh of the net (pay attention to details).

Consider the point of view of others and demonstrate listening skills


 We would like you to have:

A strong network in the local golf industry

Experience in developing and applying sales and marketing strategies

Advanced computer skills, Windows 7-10 setup (device management), Microsoft Office

3+ years of consultative sales experience

PGA Golf Professional or HCP solo amateur golfer


Please contact us to know the reseller conditions along with your CV. You will benefit from in-depth on-board training and ongoing coaching.

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