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Biomecaforce simulator



biomecaforce allows you to see and understand where the forces are applied during a golf swing


Technologies are an invaluable help in measuring performances, especially in golf. Understanding the forces that are applied to the ground and the body are critical for the success of a good shot and optimize the performance.

Biomecaforce is a 3D analysis system allowing to join the forces contained on the ground, on the body and on the club.

The software has options with amazing specificities developed and designed by movement specialists.


The system mesure the distribution and intensity of pressures with specific 3D algorithms 
Combined with our high speed video analysis, we get all  informations from the swing, without any sensors on the body :

  • Shoulder Angle

  • Hip Angle

  • Knee Angle

  • Toe Angle

  • Spine Angle

  • Body Lines

  • Kinematic Sequence

CLOUD & COMMUNICATION OPTIMISATION is an easy access cloud based platform, it gives communication and collaboration tools dedicated to coaches and players. Sending oral reports, screenshots and more will allow you to optimize your communication and time spent with your players.

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biomecaforce level

Discover how to optimize your analysis with the Biomecaforce scientists.

The Biomecaforce University allows you to study each delta through several exercises and to better interact with the Biomecaforce software.

Connect to the Biomecaforce University

(available on IOS and Android)


The certifications are sequenced in 2 levels of certification.

  • Level 1 is provided by one of the Biomecaforce ambassadors in your region. This level will regularly evolve and allow you to understand how to use Biomecaforce in the different compartments of the game.

  • Level 2 is a session provided by the scientific board of Biomecaforce. It trains you in biomechanics applied to golf. Level 2 is regularly updated with increasingly noticeable technical and technological advances.

Technology & Algorithms

We are not Robots but a complex organic system and BMF will teach you how to play according to this.


The development of Biomecaforce has allowed the team at BMF to get a true understanding of the movements in the golf swing.

We will continually strive to make advancements in our technologies so all players from amateur to professional can improve at a faster rate.