3D ground force measurements and swing kinematics


Technologies are an invaluable help in measuring performances, especially in golf. Understanding the forces that are applied to the ground are critical for the success of a good shot.

Biomecaforce is the result of several years of research in Ground Reaction Forces. The dual plates are affordable thanks to a new generation of sensors. The user can isolate parts of the foot forces that they consider interesting to analyse to better understand data and improve their diagnosis.

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Biomecaforce software

In addition to the traditional data that you will find in the BMF software, you'll get access to:

  • Displacement of the centre of mass in relation with the club path

  • Tempo especially the downswing which will allow us to have information on the explosiveness, through the players trace.

  • Quality of storing elastic energy during backswing, and how the player is maintaining it during the transition

  • The maximum compressive force and at what when it is delivered

CLOUD & COMMUNICATION OPTIMISATION is an easy access cloud based platform, it gives communication and collaboration tools dedicated to coaches and players. Sending oral reports, screenshots and more will allow you to optimize your communication and time spent with your players.

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Jean jacques rivet

Discover how to optimize your analysis with Jean Jacques RIVET, one of the pioneers in biomechanics and coach to many tour players.


You will learn, in 10 videos, to analyse the swing of a player according to the physiological "specificities" of each one, and to develop skills:

  1. Static posture to better understand each person's predispositions in order to optimize forces generated in the swing

  2. Calculation of the tiredness of each person after the first support: posture oscillations.

  3. Use of BMF's to develop performance and learn new sets of supports which generates ease of movement in the two signatures pull and push.

Technolgy & Algorithms

We are not Robots but a complex organic system and BMF will teach you how to play according to this.

Working directly with Jean-Jacques Rivet in the development of the plates has allowed the team at BMF to get a true understanding of the movements in the golf swing.

We will continually strive to make advancements in our technologies so all players from amateur to professional can improve at a faster rate.

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