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Biomecaforce simulator

Redefining Swing Analysis with High-Performance AI


Biomecaforce is a groundbreaking concept in swing analysis, revolutionizing the diagnostic capabilities of professionals in the coaching, fitting, and clubmaking realms. Leveraging cutting-edge high-frequency camera technology, pressure mapping, and force plates, our intelligent AI-driven system empowers experts to gain unparalleled insights into player performance. Our team comprises scientists, coaches, engineers, and biomechanics experts, many of whom have left a lasting impact in their respective fields. Notably, Jean Jacques Rivet, a pioneering figure in biomechanics applied to sports, especially golf, has contributed his extensive research spanning back to the 1990s, working closely with top-tier athletes. With the powerful Biomecaforce tool, all these concepts have been further validated, offering coaches access to new information to enhance their diagnostics. Joining the scientific board is David Leadbetter, one of the most esteemed coaches in the industry.

Introducing Biomecaforce's Features
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Biomecarforce fitting.png

  1. Pressure Map Palette: Our first palette generates a 3-dimensional representation of the pressure map, perfectly synchronized with high-frequency video footage. This synthesis showcases the vertical forces exerted on the ground and the energy deployed during the rotational movement. These critical insights are seamlessly integrated with your Trackman data for comprehensive analysis.

  2. Tempo Palette: With the Tempo Palette, the player's tempo during the backswing and downswing is automatically measured using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. This valuable metric enhances understanding and optimization of the swing mechanics.

  3. Delta Transfer Palette: The Delta Transfer Palette presents a clear visualization of the Center of Pressure (COP) displacement, revealing movement trends in a straightforward diagram. For in-depth analysis, detailed options are available for parameter configuration.

  4. Kinetics Palette: In the Kinetics Palette, crucial points identified and measured through AI are highlighted, bringing focus to key curves that influence direction and power. This feature offers invaluable guidance for enhancing performance.

  5. Footprint Palette: By conducting static measurements of the player, the Footprint Palette can detect potential pathologies, enabling early intervention and tailored training programs.

  6. Fitting Palette: For a comprehensive fitting procedure, the Fitting Palette evaluates the impact of unbalanced clubs on the player and guides the optimal selection of shaft flex based on applied forces. A lightweight system is available for clubmakers and clubfitters, streamlining their equipment diagnostics.

  7. Full Kinetics Palette: The Full Kinetics Palette provides unrestricted access to all measured points recorded by the Biomecaforce system. Rest assured that Biomecaforce precisely measures and does not extrapolate any collected data, ensuring accuracy in analysis.

CLOUD & COMMUNICATION OPTIMISATION is an easy access cloud based platform, it gives communication and collaboration tools dedicated to coaches and players. Sending oral reports, screenshots and more will allow you to optimize your communication and time spent with your players.

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biomecaforce level

Discover how to optimize your analysis with the Biomecaforce scientists.

The Biomecaforce University allows you to study each delta through several exercises and to better interact with the Biomecaforce software.

Connect to the Biomecaforce University

(available on IOS and Android)


The certifications are sequenced in 2 levels of certification.

  • Level 1 is provided by one of the Biomecaforce ambassadors in your region. This level will regularly evolve and allow you to understand how to use Biomecaforce in the different compartments of the game.

  • Level 2 is a session provided by the scientific board of Biomecaforce. It trains you in biomechanics applied to golf. Level 2 is regularly updated with increasingly noticeable technical and technological advances.

Technology & Algorithms

At Biomecaforce, we believe in driving innovation and elevating the game of golf and sports coaching through advanced biomechanics and AI technology. Our system empowers professionals to gain deeper insights, enabling players to unlock their full potential. Join us on the journey to excellence with Biomecaforce.

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