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Head Coach / Reunion Golf/ Orlando FL 

Originally from England, David began his golf career on the European and South African tours. He quickly realized that he was interested in the technique, mechanics and intricacies of the game, which eventually led him to devote more time to teaching. It was with Nick Faldo that his career as a coach took off in the 80s. David has been living in the United States for many years where the best players in the world come to meet him for advice.

Jean Jacques rivet.png

Biomechanic / Terre Blanche Resort France / European Performance Institut

JJ has been involved for nearly 30 years in the golf industry and with David Leadbetter as well. He is a pioneer in applied biomechanics for golf.
Its 30 years of recording, reflections and research have been injected into the Biomecaforce software and upgraded, which allows us to have an indisputable lead over complete analysis systems.

Francis cannard Biomecaforce

Biomecaforce / Lyon / France

Francis is an engineer at the origin of the Texisens company which has developed pressure pads mainly for the medical world. Accompanied by his team, he adapted his technology for golf and improved it using force plates or 3D cameras. Francis has taught sports biomechanics for 10 years at the university for throwing sports.

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